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Whole-House Generators

Houston has a history of severe flooding and hurricanes which can lead to power outages for days, and often weeks at a time.  For many people, losing power can lead to costly interruptions in our work and home lives.


Whole-house generators provide a peace of mind to keep your family safe and comfortable during power outages.  Refrigeration, mobile devices, air conditioning, medical equipment, televisions and appliances will all simultaneously continue to operate as they normally would.  

Our Comfort Solution Specialists can install propane and natural gas generators that are ready to operate the second that power outages occur.  In fact, most customers don't even realize that they've switched to generator provided power because the transition is so fast and seamless.  

Call Legacy Mechanical Solutions before the next power outage occurs.  We will assess your emergency power needs and recommend a generator suited just for your home or business.  

Legacy Mechanical Solutions installs whole-house generators that are ready to operate during any power outage.

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